Based in suburban Columbus, Attorney Gallutia has represented clients throughout Ohio. He specializes in the following areas of law, but also handles other areas of practice including real estate law.


Bankruptcy Law

If you’re burdened with debt and losing track of your finances, you might need legal advice. Attorney Gallutia will review your case and see what kind of debt management is best for you, or if declaring bankruptcy is the better option. If so, he will personally walk you through the process and review the different kinds of bankruptcy – Chapters 7, 11 and 13 which would appropriately suit your case.

The Bankruptcy law is a complex process. Give Attorney Gallutia a call now and enlighten yourself with what you can do to save your family from debt!

Credit & Debt Counseling

Attorney Gallutia can help you manage your debt. Under his counseling, you can reduce your debt through debt relief, debt consolidation and debt management.

Estate Planning

The future is never certain, so always be prepared. Attorney Gallutia will guide through your entire estate planning so that in the event of death or other events, you can be assured that your personal and financial assets are managed properly.

Tax Resolutions

Attorney Gallutia also handles taxation problems. He can help you settle or negotiate your tax debts with the IRS and pay them with installment plans, Offer-in-Compromise and, a Tax and Lien Release or Tax Penalty Abatement services.  Call Attorney Gallutia today to find out which approach will serve you best!