Plan Your Future With An Estate Planning Attorney in Reynoldsburg, OH

The idea of finding the right estate planning attorney in Reynoldsburg, OH, to help you craft an estate plan may seem stressful. However, if you have a clear plan, the process is more straightforward than you might imagine. With 36 years of estate planning experience, I can help you organize and arrange your assets so that your wishes can be fulfilled even after you’ve passed. With my experience, I can help you develop a strategy that gives you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of, regardless of their circumstances.  My objective is to assist you in creating your will to detail what assets will go to your loved one and how you would prefer those assets to be managed.

Estate Planning is Good For:
  • Settling Affairs
  • Inheriting Prized Possessions
  • Taking Care of Loved Ones, Including Young Children

Protect Your Assets

Minimize Costs

With me by your side, you can feel confident that your hard-earned assets will be protected for you and your loved ones.

What’s a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a document giving someone else the power to make decisions when you can’t. I can draft a power of attorney authorizing your loved one to make critical financial decisions for you.

A Professionally Crafted Estate Plan

I Treat You Like Family, Listen To Your Needs, and Exceed Your Expectations

I strongly recommend that you prepare your estate plan with the assistance of a qualified estate planning attorney in Reynoldsburg, OH, such as myself. Get in touch with me today and request your free consultation.

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